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My Dad’s a Paramedic

My Dad’s A Paramedic

This article is written by my daughter Rachel. I had no idea she penned the piece and makes me so proud. You will be able to relate to his article as a person in or out of public safety.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. 

Paramedic Meets Mickey Mouse

My friends and colleagues that know me, know that I am a Disney addict.  I have been at Disney World and Disneyland over 30 times. If you enter my office  At Cary Area EMS you will see Disney art on my walls: from a limited edition of the plans of Cinderella’s Castle to Mickey sitting on a bench at Disney Studios in Burbank, CA.  When I am visiting Disney World and Disneyland, I always look for new art for my wall.

During my first visit way back when, I noticed that there was a picture of Mickey honoring a Firefighter and Policeman. Mickey was shaking their hands and saluting these heroes for the work they do. I asked the Cast Member if they had the same picture with a EMT or Paramedic.  The Cast Member did not know and we looked via the computer and displays without any luck.  When I arrived home, I continued my search, again without success.

On my next couple of trips to the World and Land, I would ask Imagineers drawing in the art stores if they knew of any EMS drawing connection with Mickey?  They did not. I asked why. They did not know. I even started an online petition to have a drawing made.  Still no luck.

I had a birthday last week and my daughter (Author of When Your Dad is A Paramedic) gave me the picture below.  What a thoughtful and wonderful gift.

Mickey and Me

This is me and Mickey and now EMS has the same honor. Rachel made my wish come true.